AUSLESE is housed in an historic family home in the centre of Cape Town's city bowl. The property dates back to 1882 and after changing hands a number of times the original house was built in 1924. The front building is the original home.

Years later in 1992, the then owner had natural mountain sandstone blocks brought from Lesotho. He built on the back portion of the house which now houses our maturation cellar. We're very fortunate in that the sandstone has insulatory properties augmenting the cooling measures we have implemented. The cellar storage and floor to ceiling display shelves have been built from dark wood and old wine barrels. Tall wooden doors create dramatic entrances to the cellar.

The kitchen, in the heart of Auslese, is compact and has been designed with efficiency in mind. It is open and welcoming, encouraging popping ones head in for a chat or to peek at what the chefs are creating. Harald has made every attempt to retain the character and heritage of the building. The beautiful antique tiled fireplaces and visible roof beams attest to this. He has also retained the classic tongue and groove ceilings, wooden floors and wooden shutters. Lovely dark wood "riempie" chairs add to the charm. Natural materials have been used as far as possible throughout the building adding to the feeling of considered elegance.

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